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I’m Sheila

A real entrepreneur, coach and consultant

Sheila Skolnick

From Rags to Riches

Live-raging entrepreneur who has walked her talk…
With over 25 plus years in business, her knowledge is more than extensive.
She learned not only her knowledge from books or lectures…… she actually IS a very successful entrepreneur.


Sheila’s Success Strategy group has improved my business 100%. I had a mental block on my mind and through Sheila’s teaching I was able to remove the block and expand my Brand/Business. Sheila’s teaching are clear, informational and provided actionable steps to take to improve your business. Becoming a member of Success Strategies has been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made In my life!!!

Leemire Goldwire

Skills Academy

Sheila Skolnick is a savvy business woman with a captivating and authentic speaking style. Her rags to riches story rivals any you have heard. She has a wonderful, genuine and direct way of gifting her audience with success strategies based on real world experience. I was inspired and encouraged to be resilient and resourceful in doing life and business by her.

Maritza Coscarelli

Maritza Coscarelli Coaching

I truly believe what you are doing is so powerful and how it is effecting others. Especially others who are looking to improve themselves and improve their businesses!

Vince Lancella

Speak Freely

Sheila’s Success Strategies Group is a great group for all entrepreneurs. Sheila’s incredible business experience along with Michael’s business tips- and those of the great guests they bring in- make her group a valuable resource for anyone who owns a business (as well as those who want to own one).

Ed Katz

Managing Principal, Katnip Marketing, LLC